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The company was founded by Wayan Budiasa in December 2001.

Dini Art Shop is a home-based business that provides quality handicrafts to Importers worldwide at competitive prices. Located in Denpasar, Bali

we will focus on supplying and sourcing best quality handicraft to wholesalers and to companies that provide business-to business service and products.

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Wayan Budiasa

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Our Product

 Code : MH-50M-BB
Name : Magazine Holder
Material : Bamboo
Color : brown
Size : (H.50 L.35 W.20)cm
Price IDR 81.000
Code : WK-35-BPB
Name : Wakul hias kerang pici-pici white
Material : Bamboo plaited, Kerang pici-pici white
Color : brown
Size : (H.35, W.25)cm
Price IDR 175.500
Code : WK-35-BKB
Name : Wakul hias kerang kodok
Material : Bamboo plait, Kerang kodok
Size : (L.35, W.25)cm
Color : Brown
Price IDR 175.500

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